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Leopard’s View Diary

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In our time at the Lodge, we have …..  


seen 38 mammal species at or near the Lodge, including the so-called ‘Big Five’ (and have seen one other species elsewhere in Balule Nature Reserve);  


identified 163 bird species, heard 5 others at or near the Lodge and seen 9 others elsewhere in Balule Reserve:  we have also seen quite a number that we did not observe closely enough to identify with certainty.





As ever, the weather has dominated life here.  After a good start to the rainy season, which continued through December, the months of January, February and March promised more than they delivered and there were long, hot gaps between rains.  At the end of March we faced another tough and dry winter (but late rains in April have redeemed the situation somewhat.)  The bush has alternated between lush green and dry brown.  Carnivore sightings have been excellent:  lions in plenty (with a buffalo kill just 100 m from our house and visits to the birdpools), wild dogs on several occasions, leopard a few times and plenty of hyena noise but few actual sightings.  Elephants were a common sight in December but have been seen less in the dry months that followed.  Some animals that we saw little during the drought have begun to return, including waterbuck, duiker and plenty of zebras.  The full list of mammals seen or recorded is as follows: baboon, buffalo, bushbaby (lesser), duiker, elephant,  hyena (spotted), impala, kudu, leopard, lion, banded mongoose, dwarf mongoose,  slender mongoose, rhino (black), scrub hare, tree squirrel, vervet monkey, warthog, waterbuck, wildebeest, zebra.  The summer migrant birds have been plentiful, especially red-backed shrikes, European rollers and European bee-eaters, and seed-eaters like red-billed quelea have re-appeared after being absent during the drought.  The birding highlight was seeing Pel’s fishing owl down by the Olifants River with our guests.


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